Fabletics’ Outstanding Performance in the Fashion Industry

Fabletics is a renowned manufacturer of athleisure wear products from women. The U.S-based company was established in 2013 and is now a multi-million dollar business. The firm was the first to have an online subscription service that allows its client to receive customized products every month. Fabletics was established as a unit of Techstyle and Kate Hudson was brought on board as a co-founder. The administrators of the business have learned on how to use the power crowd-sourced reviews in making the business successful. The company has been improving its products and services based on the opinions that it receives from clients. It has been growing by about 35 percent annually, and its turnover has accumulated to more than $250 million.


The company is ranked among the most successful e-commerce businesses in the fashion industry due to the positive reviews that it attracts from consumers. Its subscription plan grows daily and has gained more than a million members who are loyal clients. The customers use their credit cards to pay for their products every month. According to Hudson, brands that need to be successful should be able to offer excellent customer services. The relationship that Fabletics has created with its clients has assisted in making them loyal. The company has been getting many new shoppers due to the referrals that its current subscribers give to the families and friends. Fabletics’ website allows consumers to write reviews about its activewear products. The information is essential since it enables the general public to have a sincere opinion about the brand. My people are attracted to shop from businesses that have positive crowdsourced reviews.


The reputation that a company builds to its clients has a significant impact on the profits that it can generate. Research shows that positive customer reviews are essential since they are trusted by about 80 percent of the people who read them. A large percentage of people believe in the online remarks more than the usual advertisements. Fabletics excellent online reputation has enabled it to attract several new and return customers. It takes the opinions of the clients into consideration, and this has assisted in making it one of the leaders in the industry. The firm has utilized empathy, data, and technology to ensure that it penetrates the United States’ fashion market.


Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines have given the fashion company an excellent rating because of the nature of the reviews that it gets from the public. The firm, therefore, appears on the front page of the engines’ websites when people look for any relevant information about it. Review websites also offer definite opinions about the business, and this has played a significant role in building its reputation. Kate Hudson heads the marketing and public relations strategies of Fabletics and has helped in making the brand popular among women. The athletic wear products that are sold by the company are long-lasting, sexy, and stylish, and therefore they make women feel comfortable. Fabletics is devoted to reaching more clients through its physical stores.