Robert Thikoll Committed to Excellence

Robert Thikoll was asked during an interview if there is a trend that excites him. The man responded that the expansion of technology and the way that it keeps everyone on edge is something that has him excited. The man was asked about something that he regrets in regard to the way that he has lived out his life. He shared that he wishes that he could tell his younger self to be nicer to people. He believes that there is a way of getting to the top without pushing others down all along the way.

Robert Thikoll is a part of Ingersoll Rand. He joined the company in 2014, and he is their Vice President of Operational Excellence. He is good at the job, and he knows what it is that he has to do to be successful and to help that business be successful.

The way that a company operates is important when it comes to determining how successful the company will be. Robert Thikoll has an important job with Ingersoll Rand as he works to make sure that they are always operating in an excellent way. He has to pay attention to all of the little details when it comes to the way that the company is running to help it always be at its best.

Robert Thikoll is someone who is used to having many responsibilities. Through the years of his career, he has taken on more and more responsibility in the jobs that he has worked.