Fabletics: Easy Gym Outfits in Minutes

Easy gym outfits in minutes–because your time should be spent burning calories at the gym, not deciding what you should where before you get there.


Fabletics by Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson gets it. Athleisure is now a hot topic. It’s practical for so many reasons. It is the reason people can go from a lunch date to the gym, stop by daycare, and then go shopping. It’s fashionable, affordable, and beyond easy to wear. It even hugs the body of a woman highlighting some of her strongest features while tightening some of the more problematic areas.


Why Fabletics?


Athletic wear can be found almost anywhere, right? Well, yes it can, but not like this. Other stores sell it separately or sizing doesn’t make sense. Plus, on the clothing tag main brands will even claim to be “one size fits all” when we know that simply isn’t the case.


The Quiz


When you head to Fabletics.com you’ll want to take the quick quiz since it will help you navigate the site with ease. This short quiz is about 5 questions long and will help you filter through clothing choices by choosing your color palette and gym workout preferences. The site will quickly match you with complete (typically two piece) outfits for your next gym session!




Kate Hudson made Fabletics so you don’t have to worry about matching random tanks with older leggings. Cute pre-paired outfits are shipped directly to you often under as little as $20 for a complete set!


3 years, $250 Million Business


In just 3 short years, Kate Hudson’s business is now sited and celebrated across Forbes.com. Hudson has no previous business experience, but through smart partnerships, her likeability, and her willingness to wear and support the brand, she has been able to make it the company it is today. She has changed consumer’s views on online shopping building the trust, customer service and brand loyalty she needs to dominate a very competitive market.


Fabletics versus Amazon


What is the future of Fabletics? The biggest threat for Kate Hudson and almost all clothing brands alike is Amazon. Amazon.com has quickly become the largest competitor for both retail store fronts and e-commerce brands alike. Fabletics now offers consumers the option to either shop in store at one of the 30 retail outlets or online. In store customers can also save their favorite items in an online cart and finish their checkout process at any time from the comfort of their own home. Customer service, consumer feedback, and hands on experiences are still important in 2017, which Amazon does not offer. By keeping both in mind, Fabletics has witnessed 35% growth each year.


If you’re looking for cute fitness clothing to fit your workout and your wallet check out Fabletics.com

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