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Betsy DeVos Lands Position As Secretary of Education


After decades of working tirelessly on educational related endeavors in Michigan, Betsy DeVos is now serving the public on a national scale. Interestingly enough, she came into the position of Secretary of Education with no government experience. This is in spite of the fact that she has been active in the Republican Party for decades, to the point that she is known to be one of the GOP’s biggest financial donors. Early on in her tenure on President Trump’s cabinet, she has already proven that she is no pushover. When a recent policy change impacting transgendered students was proposed and endorsed by Trump, she openly opposed it. Even though she did not win out in the end, she has shown that she will stand up for her convictions and fight for the educational rights of children across the country.


Here appointment to the President’s cabinet was no cake walk. Many were concerned about her lack of experience in the public school sector, with many claiming that she did not actually support public schools. On the contrary, her entire philanthropic career has been devoted to improving school choice initiatives, particularly for inner city families. Her feeling is that education should be operated on a marketplace principle, allowing parents to decide which option is best for their children. Out of this philosophy grew her fondness for the charter school initiative and her supposition that federally funded vouchers should be allowed. This would permit children to attend private schools in areas where there own schools are deemed to be failing. Learn more:


DeVos is not afraid to make difficult choices and decisions, even when it is not the popular thing to do. Because she has never sought elected office, she stands by her record as an advocate for education. While some have argued that she was attempting to direct tax dollars away from the public school system in Michigan, her argument that it was no longer responsible to keep funneling money into a broken system is the one what won the day. It was this same brashness that won her over to Trump. The two have had no dealings leading up to this point, and she is largely left to run the department as she sees fit.


It is no secret that DeVos and her husband are worth billions. Both are products of a private school system. She is proud of her upbringing. It is also because of the education she received as a child that she is such an advocate for quality schooling opportunities for every student regardless of his or her economic means. One family should not be disadvantaged because they happen to live in a section of the city that has an inferior school. If that it is the case, a charter or private school opportunity should be in the mix. This is what she has spend the better part of the last two decades fighting for.