Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car, Serving North America Since 1994

Gregory J Aziz, the President, and CEO of National Steel Car has led the company to do great things. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario and is a leading producer of freight railcars in North America. Serving all the way from Canada to Mexico, the company employs over 2,000 people and serves even more customers. A growth of over 400 percent has been achieved in recent years. This is a significant accomplishment for Greg Aziz and the company. The company was purchased in 1994 from Dofasco, a leading Canadian company.


National Steel Car focuses on its customers and quality before all else. The International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008 demonstrates the highest quality. The company is the only certified rail car producer with this distinction. The TTX SECO highest quality award is yet another accomplishment to add to the list.


Greg Aziz purchased the company having a goal of making it the leading producer of railcars. His background starts with working for his family owned and operated Canadian company of Affiliated Foods. Importing foods from all over the world, the company served as a wholesaler and distributor.


Greg James Aziz has a rather extensive resume. His educational background includes attending Ridley College and then graduating from the University of Western Ontario. Being an economics major, he was well suited to take on his family’s company and to build National Steel Car to be the major player it is today.


James Aziz also helps the community with sponsoring events and donating to charity. The Salvation Army, United Way, and the Hamilton Opera are just a few of the organizations benefitting from Aziz’ philanthropic nature. Sponsoring Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Aziz family has made a big impact on the community. National Steel Car also sponsors a huge Christmas party for its employees and their families.


Aziz and National Steel Car have celebrated many successes over the last quarter century. Being able to produce more than 12,000 rail cars annually, the company continues to grow. Being able to survive all tests of time, the company and Gregory Aziz continue to be pillars in the Canadian business community.

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