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Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car, Serving North America Since 1994

Gregory J Aziz, the President, and CEO of National Steel Car has led the company to do great things. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario and is a leading producer of freight railcars in North America. Serving all the way from Canada to Mexico, the company employs over 2,000 people and serves even more customers. A growth of over 400 percent has been achieved in recent years. This is a significant accomplishment for Greg Aziz and the company. The company was purchased in 1994 from Dofasco, a leading Canadian company.


National Steel Car focuses on its customers and quality before all else. The International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008 demonstrates the highest quality. The company is the only certified rail car producer with this distinction. The TTX SECO highest quality award is yet another accomplishment to add to the list.


Greg Aziz purchased the company having a goal of making it the leading producer of railcars. His background starts with working for his family owned and operated Canadian company of Affiliated Foods. Importing foods from all over the world, the company served as a wholesaler and distributor.


Greg James Aziz has a rather extensive resume. His educational background includes attending Ridley College and then graduating from the University of Western Ontario. Being an economics major, he was well suited to take on his family’s company and to build National Steel Car to be the major player it is today.


James Aziz also helps the community with sponsoring events and donating to charity. The Salvation Army, United Way, and the Hamilton Opera are just a few of the organizations benefitting from Aziz’ philanthropic nature. Sponsoring Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Aziz family has made a big impact on the community. National Steel Car also sponsors a huge Christmas party for its employees and their families.


Aziz and National Steel Car have celebrated many successes over the last quarter century. Being able to produce more than 12,000 rail cars annually, the company continues to grow. Being able to survive all tests of time, the company and Gregory Aziz continue to be pillars in the Canadian business community.

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Gregory Aziz Takes NSC to the Top of the Industry in North America

Gregory Aziz is a native Canadian born in London, Ontario in 1949. He went on to study economics at Ridley College at the University of Western Ontario. His first professional position was in his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. Upon his initial employment, Affiliated Foods was a regional distributor and by the time he left in the 1980’s, had grown to serve customers worldwide. Its main customers being the United States and Eastern Canada.


After a short stint in banking while living in New York, he took the position of Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car in 1994. Upon taking the helm at National Steel Car, he has restructured the company to take it from just another rail car maker to be the number one North American rail car manufacturer.

National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., made only 350 rail cars in a year before Aziz became CEO. After he began his tenure there, the company began restructuring itself to produce more rail cars. As of 1999, NSC has produced 12,000 rail cars per year. They have added to their production staff, going from 600 workers to 3,000.

Gregory Aziz has piloted National Steel Car (NSC) now for twenty-four years. In that time frame, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has been home to NSC. Its employees overwhelmingly reside in Hamilton. Gregory James Aziz and NSC take those facts very seriously, consequently, NSC invests heavily in the community. It gives a special Christmas party annually that company employees and their children look forward to attending. NSC supports the arts in Hamilton, donating to Theatre Aquarius where drams, musicals and concerts are regularly performed and the Hamilton Opera. The company is also very generous to local charities offering consistent support for the United Way, the Salvation Army and others. They also help keep local food banks stocked with goods. Mr. and Mrs. Aziz are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair that takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in November annually.


Gregory Aziz works hard to ensure NSC is seen by everyone as a value-driven company, that produces an excellent product and has unparalleled customer service. As the North American leader of rail car engineering and manufacturing, NSC is poised to continue in that leadership role now that it is well capitalized, properly staffed and has worked so hard to capture and maintain an unprecedented reputation. See Related Link to learn more.

Robert Thikoll Committed to Excellence

Robert Thikoll was asked during an interview if there is a trend that excites him. The man responded that the expansion of technology and the way that it keeps everyone on edge is something that has him excited. The man was asked about something that he regrets in regard to the way that he has lived out his life. He shared that he wishes that he could tell his younger self to be nicer to people. He believes that there is a way of getting to the top without pushing others down all along the way.

Robert Thikoll is a part of Ingersoll Rand. He joined the company in 2014, and he is their Vice President of Operational Excellence. He is good at the job, and he knows what it is that he has to do to be successful and to help that business be successful.

The way that a company operates is important when it comes to determining how successful the company will be. Robert Thikoll has an important job with Ingersoll Rand as he works to make sure that they are always operating in an excellent way. He has to pay attention to all of the little details when it comes to the way that the company is running to help it always be at its best.

Robert Thikoll is someone who is used to having many responsibilities. Through the years of his career, he has taken on more and more responsibility in the jobs that he has worked.