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David McDonald , OSI Group President

About , David McDonald ,he former OSI Group President … There residence is located in Chicago Illinois . Mr. McDonals served as chief project manager of the osi group. He also served as chairman of North American Meats Coorptoartion. He is also he director at Marfrig Global Foods. His operations are also located in Brazil and Europe .Mr. McDonald also has a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. As you can tell he is a man of many successes . Let his work show for it because this man has already made move to impact society. Being in charge of such large corporations is quite fortunate . He has been presented with these opportunities and he has chose to make the decision to take advantage of the opportunities he was given. It’s quite amazing how someone can be in charge so such a wide variety of successes . He is changing he world today with his works as we speak . This man has chose to take a route of victory in life which is a rest thing because many people don’t see their own potential . What a great idea that he has chose to put into place . When someone chooses to go for something that they actually live and want to do that’s always a plus sign because many people today do not actually go for their passion . Because many people do not actually go for their passion now and days. But he chose to be a man of integrity and he chose to get involved where felt was most needed . Even with Global food this is a cooperation that has fed the lives of many families . Feeding families is a big thing because he is also apart of feeding the lives of many people around the world . This is such as hug deal seriously ! This man has been able to impact nations and a whole NewYork society. While being apart of the process of feeding manypeople today! We are very finite that this man has chose to do the work he has been committed to ! Wow ! Because without his expertise I’m sure many would be lost in the world and also.. he is know as the president of his cooperation . This is quite a good thing and we are very fortunate as a collective group of people to have him existing in the market world what a great deal! This is Great!

The Oxford Club Offers Newsletters and Trading Services to Create Wealth

Rob McKinsey recently published an article with Ask Reporter entitled, “Investing and Trading Advice from The Oxford Club” which discusses the investing companies services regarding informative newsletters and their trading services.

The Oxford Club has three main newsletters which are provided to their members monthly. Their most popular newsletter is The Oxford Communique. In this monthly newsletter, Alexander Green, the company’s Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the latest market trends and opportunities for investment. He also has a small segment where he discusses healthy living and living a wealthy life beyond money. Each member also receives updates on the investment portfolio. The research reports and market updates have helped this newsletter to rank as one of the best investment newsletters in the industry.

The Oxford Income Letter is another key newsletter for anyone looking to improve their income portfolio. The letter is written by the Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld who provides insights into creating a high performing portfolio. This includes strategies and laws to analyze dividend stocks.

The Oxford Resource Explorer focuses more on the different trends within the markets. It contains articles from the Emerging Trends Strategist, the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist and the Macro Strategist. By providing in-depth research and recommendations, members will learn about investing in natural gas, oil, and other resources.

The Oxford Club also provides 12 different trading services depending on the different investment classes. Each one provides different advantages. For example, the Advanced Energy Strategist service provides members with information for investing in the energy sector while the Automatic Trading Millionaire provides information on finding stocks at discounts while minimizing risk.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 and has grown to more than $157,000 members located in more than 131 countries. They are a global network of investors that provide strategies and rules to help members perform better than the average market returns. They cover all types of investments such as real estate, precious metals, bonds, equities, and currencies.

They were founded by William Bonner who is also the founder of Agora Inc., another investment newsletter. Bonner was dedicated to creating a company that would help educate the members about wealth, particularly how to create long lasting wealth.


Beyond the Darkness is a paranormal program set to be aired on Podcast One. Podcast One is the largest advertiser based podcast network in America. The network’s Executive Chairman announced the latest show on the network.

Beyond the Darkness will be aired on Chris Jericho’s podcast channel which is under PodcastOne. Chris Jericho is a former WWE champion. The hosts of the show are Dave Schrader who is a radio host and author and Tom Dennis who is a radio producer. They will challenge everything that you assume about the paranormal world. The show will be done through engaging and enriching conversations among famous people who have experiences and researchers. The participants will talk about angels, ghosts, miracles, ghouls, demons, monsters, aliens and mysteries. Every week the latest episode will be aired on iTunes, and PodcastOne app on Mondays.

Norman Pattizz who is also PodcastOne’s founder was pleased with the new program that is set to be aired on Chris Jericho’s podcast network. He talked about how the wrestling champion started The Jericho Network collection and how it has managed to grow into the best channels on PodcastOne. PodcastOne is America’s leading podcast network that is supported by advertisers. The company was started in 2012. The network hosts over 200 popular podcasts, including podcast channels by Shaquille O’Neal, among many others. Learn more:

Chris Jericho was also elated with the new program that is set for airing on his channel. The former wrestling champion pointed out that he fully believes in his latest program. He said that the program’s hosts would not only come with a massive fan base, but they will add other fans to the podcast.


Norman J. Pattiz is the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. The podcast platform was launched in late 2012. In 2010 he started Courtside Entertainment Group. Mr. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. He began the company in 1974 and worked as the Chief Executive Officer. Learn more:

Norman Pattiz is a powerhouse when it comes to broadcasting matters, and he has been at the forefront of many reporting bodies and organizations. The bodies include the Broadcasting Board of Governors, University of California’s, Annenberg School of Communication Board, the Museum of Television & Radio board of trustees, Hollywood Radio and Television Society board of directors, among many others. Mr. Pattiz has more than 40 years’ experience in the field of radio syndicates. Learn more: