Here’s Dick Devos’ Career Progress and Charity Works

We acknowledge the fact that Dick Devos has used up his enterprise career functioning in a range of administrative areas at NBA’s Orland Magic, Amway, and Windquest Group where he presently works as the President. As the President of Amway from 1993 – 2002, Dick held the role for all features of the organization’s functioning in 50 nations as well as six mainlands. During his last financial year of employment, Amway announced sales of $4.5 billion. Before taking over the presidency, Devos worked as Vice President – Amway worldwide where he held the role of the organization’s functions in 18 nations outside North America. Beneath his governorship, the organization opened current markets as well as tripled worldwide sales to surpass domestic sales for the initial period in the organization’s history. Dick became CEO and President of the Orlando Magic when his relative obtained the group in 1991, the responsibility he kept for three years.


We find Dick a very hardworking person. Besides his business responsibilities, Dick has also been a leader in a wide variety of social initiatives. He began the Education Freedom Fund, that awarded above 4, 000 scholarships to needy kids in Michigan, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, (the high school which aims to offer the rigorous educational project via an aviation emphasis), and has worked on the State Board of Education. We believe this is a good way to help the underprivileged and the community at large.


Dick also acts as the co-chair/chair of several Grand Rapids region downtown revitalization projects as well as provincial health care developments including the $75M downtown sphere, the $212M convention pivot, the $90M medicinal school, the $30M Downtown Market, and the $130M heart health center. Devos was the government applicant for Governor of Michigan during 2006. Dick’s New York Times top-selling novel, “Rediscovering American Values” that was produced in 1997 is also available in seven vernaculars. We find this another effective way of giving back to the community since the seven languages make it possible for many individuals to read and understand the book.


In 2017, Dick got assigned to the “Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council” by United States unit of” Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.”


Devos is the two periods National Champion seafarer, the qualified jet helicopter and aircraft pilot, and the degree holder of Northwood University. He has been married to Betsy Prince for more than 38 years, and they have six grandchildren as well as seven children at the moment.


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