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Securus Technologies Helps Officers Collect Evidence

When my job is to put criminals in jail, the most frustrating part of the job is when these defense lawyers get their client off on a technicality or because the evidence was not strong enough. I feel like I let down my family, my co-workers, the victim’s family, and the community when one of these criminals is allowed back on the street. Although they usually go right back to doing what they do, I do not like the fact that we have to wait until another innocent person has to suffer to get these suspects back behind bars for good.


My blood was boiling this year because a very dangerous inmate was actually set free because the evidence collected in the case was ruled to be invalid. Even though we had a confession, everything was tossed and he was let free. While we all knew he was guilty, the law is the law and he was right back causing fear in the community. Having surveillance on the suspect was not working this time because he knew we were desperate to get him off the street, so he laid low with his friends for a while.


We turned to the local prison for help, knowing Securus Technologies had already installed a call monitoring system the officers used to keep tabs on the inmates. Securus Technologies is currently in over 2,600 prisons, and the CEO, Rick Smith talks about how he and his 1,000 employees are dedicated to making the world safer to live for us all.


When the inmates began talking about crimes and evidence no one knew about, we were able to put the suspect in the location and connect him to the evidence. Within weeks we had a strong enough case on several unsolved cases that we could tie to the suspect and finally get him where he belonged.


Securus Technologies Helps Solve Crime Issues!

Have you ever wanted to work with a company that values the input of people and situations to fight crime in prisons and institutions both passively and actively? Well have no fear because I love the way that Securus technologies is merging the use of community surveillance and reporting data from their systems to prevent crime from gaining a serious foothold in correctional facilities across the country.


Securus provides criminal technology using such techniques as active phone call monitoring to prevent and intercept serious crimes from even happening in the first place. One client commented that the technology has led to an arrest by the recording of phone calls at that place. I like the way that the organization continues to be at the cutting edge of helping law enforcement by using there LBS software. This software has helped police to gain back millions of dollars of illegal drugs off the street and combat the acquisition of illegal assets on the black market as well.


I believe that this technology is saving lives too of both some inmates and the community at large by providing a safe and effective way to view crime and stop the bad guys from taking over our communities. I think this company is also helping detectives and families solve critical pieces of a crime by having recorded video and conversations to use as evidence and this helps to keep any client or organization using their products satisfied. If you are looking to go to the next level of crime solutions and technology,I think you should check out Securus and their crime prevention technologies first and fast before others catch on to this great company!