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David McDonald , OSI Group President

About , David McDonald ,he former OSI Group President … There residence is located in Chicago Illinois . Mr. McDonals served as chief project manager of the osi group. He also served as chairman of North American Meats Coorptoartion. He is also he director at Marfrig Global Foods. His operations are also located in Brazil and Europe .Mr. McDonald also has a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. As you can tell he is a man of many successes . Let his work show for it because this man has already made move to impact society. Being in charge of such large corporations is quite fortunate . He has been presented with these opportunities and he has chose to make the decision to take advantage of the opportunities he was given. It’s quite amazing how someone can be in charge so such a wide variety of successes . He is changing he world today with his works as we speak . This man has chose to take a route of victory in life which is a rest thing because many people don’t see their own potential . What a great idea that he has chose to put into place . When someone chooses to go for something that they actually live and want to do that’s always a plus sign because many people today do not actually go for their passion . Because many people do not actually go for their passion now and days. But he chose to be a man of integrity and he chose to get involved where felt was most needed . Even with Global food this is a cooperation that has fed the lives of many families . Feeding families is a big thing because he is also apart of feeding the lives of many people around the world . This is such as hug deal seriously ! This man has been able to impact nations and a whole NewYork society. While being apart of the process of feeding manypeople today! We are very finite that this man has chose to do the work he has been committed to ! Wow ! Because without his expertise I’m sure many would be lost in the world and also.. he is know as the president of his cooperation . This is quite a good thing and we are very fortunate as a collective group of people to have him existing in the market world what a great deal! This is Great!

Samuel Strauch – Focusing On The Innovative Development In The Miami Real Estate Market

Samuel Strauch has a long and successful career as a licensed real estate agent in Miami, and during his career spanning more than 15 years, he has successful closed real estate deals worth millions of dollars.

Samuel Strauch believes that one of the reasons why he has been able to win the trust of his customers is because he understands the Miami real estate market well and can correlate his understanding of the region with the requirements of the customers. Samuel Strauch is considered an expert on the real estate matters of the Miami and surrounding areas and is often consulted by the local and national media about the real estate market and the latest trends.

In an interview he gave recently to the senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Lynn Fosse, Samuel Strauch mentioned about how the city of Miami has changed over the years, which has opened multiple doors of opportunities in the real estate space. He added that Miami is no longer just a vacation and resort city, but is a full-fledged city now where the people don’t only want to spend their vacation but want to work and live as well. As there has been a massive surge in the population of the region as well as rapid commercial development, the economy of the region has grown exponentially. It has attracted a lot of buyers to the Miami region, and it is what has also helped in surging the price of the residential and commercial properties in the region.

When asked about his vision for Metrik Holdings, Samuel Strauch said that opening a real estate firm was always his dream, and after years of serving the Miami real estate market as an agent, fulfilling his long-standing dream became possible. He said that the primary aim of Metrik Holdings, apart from providing the conventional real estate service, would be to focus on the innovative developments happening in the real estate market. He gave the example of people looking to work alongside other professionals in a shared workplace, and there has been a change in the way people travel, and instead of spending on trivial things, people are looking for experiences, which has called for developing budget vacation rentals and lodge in the city.