The Oxford Club Offers Newsletters and Trading Services to Create Wealth

Rob McKinsey recently published an article with Ask Reporter entitled, “Investing and Trading Advice from The Oxford Club” which discusses the investing companies services regarding informative newsletters and their trading services.

The Oxford Club has three main newsletters which are provided to their members monthly. Their most popular newsletter is The Oxford Communique. In this monthly newsletter, Alexander Green, the company’s Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the latest market trends and opportunities for investment. He also has a small segment where he discusses healthy living and living a wealthy life beyond money. Each member also receives updates on the investment portfolio. The research reports and market updates have helped this newsletter to rank as one of the best investment newsletters in the industry.

The Oxford Income Letter is another key newsletter for anyone looking to improve their income portfolio. The letter is written by the Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld who provides insights into creating a high performing portfolio. This includes strategies and laws to analyze dividend stocks.

The Oxford Resource Explorer focuses more on the different trends within the markets. It contains articles from the Emerging Trends Strategist, the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist and the Macro Strategist. By providing in-depth research and recommendations, members will learn about investing in natural gas, oil, and other resources.

The Oxford Club also provides 12 different trading services depending on the different investment classes. Each one provides different advantages. For example, the Advanced Energy Strategist service provides members with information for investing in the energy sector while the Automatic Trading Millionaire provides information on finding stocks at discounts while minimizing risk.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 and has grown to more than $157,000 members located in more than 131 countries. They are a global network of investors that provide strategies and rules to help members perform better than the average market returns. They cover all types of investments such as real estate, precious metals, bonds, equities, and currencies.

They were founded by William Bonner who is also the founder of Agora Inc., another investment newsletter. Bonner was dedicated to creating a company that would help educate the members about wealth, particularly how to create long lasting wealth.

Siteline Cabinetry Works Hard To Create Quality Products

Siteline Cabinetry is a brand of the Corsi Group, and it was founded by Pat Corsi in 2015. They blend old-fashioned and contemporary looks to create unique cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The cabinets are made of quality materials, and they are offered at a price anyone can afford.

The warehouse is located in Virginia, and this is where the manufacturing of each cabinet takes place. The staff manufactures every cabinet as the order is received, and this allows them to focus on that specific order. Cabinets are manufactured and shipped within 28 to 35 days.

The product features include functionality, customized sizes, full access, flat cabinets and technology elements. The cabinet doors come in over 45 different styles, with the selection including cherry, maple, acrylic, aluminum and thermofoil. Clients can also choose from a variety of finishes, and this includes a painted, stained or laminated finish. There are many clients who request custom drawers for items such as utensils, toiletries or office supplies.

Pat Corsi always hires individuals who are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced in their trade. The craftspeople and finishers know how to use the equipment and machinery necessary for creating stylish and functional cabinets. The managers are excellent leaders to their team members, and the customer service representatives are ready to answer questions, address concerns and handle orders.

The brand offers a limited lifetime guarantee on all products, and they are willing to fix or replace any defective pieces. Siteline Cabinetry allows their authorized dealers to handle most claims on the cabinets. However, the brand continues to process claims even after the dealer goes out of business or discontinues a specific product.

Siteline Cabinetry works with several dealers rather than directly selling their cabinets to the public. The cabinets are shipped to dealers who have experience with interior design, such as freelance designers and construction firms. The dealers include Luxcraft Cabinets, Indy Custom Cabinets, Forte Design Studios and Royal Kitchens and Baths.

Siteline Cabinetry has only been in business for several years, but this brand is expected to take the world of interior design by storm.

Doe Deere Inspires Others to Embrace Their Passions, Follow Their Dreams

Doe Deere is an inspiration to anyone who has ever needed the freedom to be themselves. In today’s society, so many people are trying to get everyone to conform. We see it in magazines, television, all across social media, and from our peers. Deere is a woman who is fighting against the conformity. She’s a unicorn queen with a unique vision and a passion for makeup. Deere is someone who wants everyone to know that they should embrace their uniqueness and express themselves however they see fit. Deere wants society to know that no makeup is too bold or outrageous. That’s why she is seen constantly sporting bright colored hair and makeup.


Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. Lime Crime was started in 2008 after Deere realized that she couldn’t find the bright and bold colors that she desired. Deere created her makeup line after realizing that she wasn’t alone. In fact, there were countless others out there who wanted to make bold statements with their makeup but they needed a little push. They needed someone like Deere who would inspire them and let them know that it’s okay to be themselves.


Deere is an integral part of Lime Crime’s product development. She casts a watchful eye, offers advice where she can, and is constantly looking to give people what they want. Deere also makes her makeup vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. She wants everyone to be able to enjoy her makeup. The products are also very affordable. Deere stands behind everything she makes and she puts such a passion into it. Deere understands what it’s like to run a business because she’s had lots of experience throughout her life. She started her own little tattoo business when she was just 13-years-old.


Deere actually started out as a musician but ultimately, she found her calling with makeup ( Being a musician helped teach her a few things about what it’s like to be in the spotlight. Deere even met her husband when they were in a band together. He is now her business partner who supports her goals and dreams.


Nowadays, Deere is truly a blessing to Lime Crime and to makeup enthusiasts all over the globe. She wants each and every one of them to know that if they have a dream, they should pursue it. That’s exactly what Deere did and it paid off. Her company continues to grow and come out with new products.